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Finally, A day off

Being the new guy at work has it’s ups and downs.  For me, it has meant quite a few late nights working at what should have been accomplished during the day.  The extra time has mostly been attributed to still learning.  In six months, even though I’m probably an intermediate level ColdFusion developer, I have had to learn and use fusebox 4.2 which meant to adjusting to a slightly different way of programming.  Previously I was moving from procedural code to more OO code using CFCs.  So now I find myself either asking a millions questions of my coworkers or reading reference books and articles.  Suffice it to say, I have put in a lot of hours and though my boss seems happy with my work, I do not feel I am progressing as rapidly as I’d like.  It has been a stressful six months that have seen very little time off.  With the arrival of summer, so begins the compressed work week, which allows me to work one extra hour Mon-Thurs and take every other Friday off.  Today is my first Friday off and it couldn’t come at a better time.  Since this is Father’s Day weekend, I get a head start.  I plan to spend part of the day playing golf with my Dad and my brother.  After nearly a 2 years off the course, let’s hope I don’t embarass myself out there.  I’m not thinking about either of the two applications I’m working on at the moment this weekend.  Not thinking about any new CFEclipse tips, or methods I need to add to a CFC, or changes that need to be made to an application.  Nope, I’m not thinking about any of that stuff.  Just me, Dad, my brother and a little white ball an 9 holes.  

Funny joke from my wife…what do all fathers want for Father’s Day?  To play golf on Mother’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Have a great weekend.

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