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I’m taking the plunge into CFUnit

I have gotten to the point now where I’m fairly comfortable with Eclipse and CFEclipse, having used both for the past year. I don’t even have Dreamweaver installed on my new work laptop. Since I was in software QA before becoming a developer I am aware of the importance of unit testing, but have not really practiced it. After last year’s CFUnited, I was introduced to CFUnit, but never really got into it. So here I am ready to dive in to CFUnit. Over the next few days, weeks, etc., I will be documenting my experience with this seemingly useful tool. With the help of the most awesome ColdFusion user community, I have managed to locate a long list of references and tutorials. My adventure begins this evening as I try to set up unit tests for the latest application I’m working on in the office. The CFCs are already in place, so all I should need to do is set up my tests. Wish me luck.

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