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Getting back in the swing of things

I’ve been away from the blog for some time, but I promise to try to be better about that.  While I’ve been away, I’ve completed a few CF projects and a couple of others are still in progress.

My project from hell, which shall remain nameless, has been completed.  Despite all the stress, the project was a resounding success and the client was very happy with their application.  Only 3 months late and way over budget due to massive scope creep, but they really did appreciate the end product as well as my efforts.  I’m also happy that I have a very supportive boss that backed me up 150% through the whole thing.

After test driving numerous open source CMS packages for ColdFusion for use in my parish’s web site, I decided to build my own.  I’m using CF and Fusebox 4.  The main limitation I was facing was with our host.  Apparently, even though Readyhosting offers MySQL as part of our package and they support ColdFusion, they claim that the MySQL driver for CF is not installed.  That means my CF applications have no MySQL connectivity.  You wouldn’t believe how long it took them to finally answer the question.  I’m actually ready to leave them as a host, but alas, this is not my decision to make, but rather the pastor’s.  So, I’m left with MS Access to power my application, which is really not acceptable.  My alternative is to use PHP, which can connect with MySQL on this host.  I’m hesitant to go this route for two reasons.  First, I haven’t used PHP in years and really don’t feel like learning it all over.  Second, I used PHP several years ago in a site I did for the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, and we got hacked and hijacked a couple of times.  So now I find myself looking at XML based CMS packages, which might actually work for me since this a low traffic site with only one or two admins.  I have also been preparing myself for the eventual new host by Rebuilding the existing site with my own CMS in Fusebox 4 and MySQL.  At the moment, I’m having some FCKEditor issues, so I’ve also downloaded TinyMCE to see if I have better luck.

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