Getting some AIR

Always one to challenge myself, I’ve taken up learning Adobe AIR.  I figure if I find myself unemployed, maybe I can freelance web AND desktop applications.  So I did some surfing for tutorials on the web and found some really good stuff.  Additionally, I added the AIR plugin to my Aptana installation and downloaded the AIR SDK.  Bought a copy of Larry Ullman’s Visual QuickPro Adobe Air with Ajax and sat down with a cup of coffee yesterday to work my way through the first few chapters.  Here’s a look at a calendar application built in one of the exercises.


Calendar application built with AIR and the YUI framework

Calendar application built with AIR and the YUI framework

I decided to work first Ajax and AIR simply because I already work with HTML, ColdFusion, and JavaScript so I figured it would be a smoother transition.  I haven’t used Flex in over a year and didn’t want to learn both Flex and AIR at the same time.

Overall, I’m impressed with the ease with which I can get up and running, even if it is a simple application that doesn’t do much.  I’ll keep plugging away.  I’m trying to come up with practical uses for an AIR application.  Possibilities that have come to mind include an income and expense tracking application (my wife would love such an application), a photo browser, the ubiquitous Twitter client, and maybe a digital media organizer.

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