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CFGrid Performance

Since implementing CFGrid in a few applications at work, I’ve noticed a real drop in performance.  This is particularly evident in an application that, when deployed will perform a lot of queries and present a lot of tabular data in datagrids.  Just in development with maybe 200 records, I am noticing 3-5 second page loads for data retrieval.  I’m sure it has to do with a lot of the query manipulation that happens in preparation for display in the grid, which I mentioned in an earlier post.  I think I need to come up with a way to code one grid generating CFC which can be called by the data retrieval CFCs.  When I first began development on this application, we did not use stored procedures.  I think that will need to happen and change my CFCs to use the CFSTOREDPROC tag.  Not sure yet how this is going to affect my timeline, but this application is going to be used by nearly every one of the ~2000 employees here, many of whom are in countries that may not have access to high bandwidth connections, so performance is going to be critical.  I’ve heard a lot about jQuery solutions such as jqGrid, but it doesn’t seem to fit this particular case.  I haven’t seen where arguments for data retrieval can be passed into jqGrid.  Perhaps I am wrong, but no example I’ve seen involves a CFC that takes arguments and produces a datagrid.

I’d love to hear thoughts and ideas on improving performance with ColdFusion’s ajax capabilities.

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