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Late to the game. CFWheels 1.1x

I know I’m really late, but I’m just now getting around to switching to CFWheels 1.1. I guess being over forty, I’ve become set in my ways.  I love CFWheels already.  Why does it have to change?  Enough already.  I’m taking the plunge.  A while back I had started on a very simple forum application for work.  The forum is based on an old tutorial project I had worked through on EasyCFM.com.  I thought it would be a good idea to do it using CFWheels.  Due to legacy code issues, I had to abandon that effort and use spaghetti CF code, but I kept the work I had completed in CFWheels 1.0 thinking I could come back to it later one day.  That day is here, but I think before I resume, I will update to CFWheels 1.1 and then work to finish the forum.

Forum Application Built on CFWheels 1.0

Forum Application Built on CFWheels 1.0

First up, download the new framework code.  Simple enough. Visit http://cfwheels.org and download the files.  I notice that I’m so late, they’re already up to 1.1.2.  I’ve got some catching up to do.  They also have provide an Upgrading to Wheels 1.1.x guide which states that all that is really necessary to upgrade is “replace the wheels folder with the new one from the 1.1 download.”

My first step will be to upgrade the application to CFWheels 1.1.2.  Once I have it back up and running, I will then continue with development.  The goal is to create a forum with many of the common features we have come to expect in a forum application.  I hope to learn about the new features of CFWheels as well as to create a useful application.  I’ll add new blog posts throughout development.

  1. kwbarrett
    March 9, 2011 at 1:35 am

    As a follow up, it really was as simple as the upgrade guide stated. I simply copied the Wheels directory from the 1.1 files to my application and reloaded the application and voila! My forum application is back up and running under CFWheels 1.1. Looking forward to learning more.

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