This page contains summaries of some selected recently completed projects. Because some of these projects are corporate or contain private information, public access and/or screen shots may not be possible. Where possible, links are provided.

Conference Registration System

Purpose: Create a conference registration system that allows conference managers to set up a conference web site and registration page.  The registration page allows conference managers to add custom questions and possible responses.  This application was developed for use by multiple clients, but was first used for the 2011 Energy Star Awards ceremony.

2011 Energy Star Awards screen shot

2011 Energy Star Awards screen shot

This was my first production app completed using the CFWheels framework.  Using the framework with its Convention Over Configuration approach and built-in Object Relational Mapping, I was able to focus on functionality and minimize the need to write SQL queries.  Validations, calculated properties, routes, helpers, and associations were all used to code the application.

Techniques/Technology: ColdFusion9, CFWheels 1.0 framework, MS SQL Server 2008, Authorize.net.

AED Educational Benefits Module

Purpose: Update the existing Educational Benefits module which is used by AED staff to request benefits and Benefits staff to approve and process requests and expense reports.  Incorporate new business rules, update code from Fusebox 2 to Fusebox 4.1 and incorporate CFCs and stored procedures to improve performance.

Technology: ColdFusion 8, CFGrid, CFStoredProc, SQL Server 2005

AED Field Office Database

Purpose: allow Management Services(MS) and Information Technology(IT) to maintain data about the project offices and the countries in which they are located.  MS can access the application to enter and update information about both project offices and countries.  Additionally, MS can download the data to an Excel spreadsheet to make their updates.  When updates are complete, the data from the spreadsheet can be uploaded to the application which will then update the database.  IT can access the application to update existing project office data for IT assets and infrastructure.

This project also makes use of the Google Maps API to provide a custom map with markers of each AED Field Office location.  Additionally, Info Window elements are used to provide detailed information for each project office with link to the project page.

Technology: ColdFusion 8, Fusebox 4.1, CFGrid, MS SQL Server 2005, Google Maps API.

WeCan Trainings Event Management System

Purpose: The purpose of the Event Management System(EMS) is to provide a method for the WeCan program to post event information and to have participants register for the selected event.  Administrative users can enter and update event information, agenda, add questions for registrants, send out notices to registrants, and view reports.  Front end users can view event information, select an event and register, and download agenda files.

Technology: Coldfusion 8, Fusebox 4.1, SQL Server 2000

SACM Academic Placement Database

Purpose: To provide the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission a module to use to track scholarship recipients from arrival in the U.S. through TOEFL programs, and on the undergraduate and graduate enrollment.  Staff users may enter student and institution data, view reports, and match students to institutions. Student users may view their application status.

Technology: Coldfusion 8, Fusebox 4.1, SQL Server 2000

NCI POET Database

URL: ncipoet.cancer.gov/

Purpose: Provide National Cancer Institute’s Office of Education and Special Initiatives(OESI) a tracking module for their marketing campaigns. OESI staff users may enter new projects, view reports, add member data, and contact team members.  End users may review project materials, record follow up tasks, and track contacts with team members.

Technology: ColdFusion 5, SQL Server 2000

NCI POET web site

St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church

URL: www.stmartinsweb.com

Purpose: Update parish web site design and implement simple content management system.

Technology: ColdFusion 8, MySQL 5, ByteSpring CMS


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