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My first few days on AIR

December 14, 2008 Leave a comment

So far I like the built in support from Aptana studio for several Ajax frameworks including Spry, Ext, jQuery, etc.  I’ve worked my way through the first 5 chapters.  I think it’s pretty cool how I can take simple HTML/JavaScript applications built for the web and turn them into desktop applications.  I’m trying not to get impatient though.  I want to get to some really cool stuff.  But for now I’m learning about creating and accessing native windows.  I’m sure this is important since a window on the web behaves just a bit differently  than one on the desktop.  I’ll be patient and work my way through it.  Next up is creating menus.  Sounds like really cool stuff.

What I’d like to do is find some application that might work as a desktop application in my office.  An employee directory, time and expense database, or simple notes manager might be good starting points on which to learn to build more complex applications.  I’ll try to update this blog as I learn more and more.