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My first Career Day experience

June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

I had the opportunity to speak at my daughter’s school last week for Career Day.  This was the firs time I had ever done something like this so I was nervous but excited.  I have plenty of experience working with children of various ages so I was not nervous about interracting with them at all.  I don’t like my voice and when I’m nervous, I get the “Umms” and “Ahs”.

Maya came to “pick me up” and escort me to Ms. Mattsen’s Kindergarten class.  I guess it was good to start in familiar territory since I know most of these kids.  To them I was Maya’s dad and that was good enough.  During the year, the kids have learned about attributes and using them to describe things they see and read about.  I thought it would be cool to explain to them the basics of HTML.  I used a sign in their classroom which contained sentences in various colors and with some words underlined.  I asked them for various attributes of the sentences.  These kids know so much more than I did at their age.  I had my laptop with me and a page in development.  So we wrote several sentences and then the kids assigned several attributes, or HTML tags to change their appearance on a web page.  At the end they got to see their web page, which was satisfaction for them.

The most asked question of the day was, “Do you make games?”  I began to wish I did program games for a short while.  It might have made me seem more cool to the kids.  I also spoke to Ms. Meadows Kindergarten class and 2 fifth grade classes that day.  Hopefully, I inspired at least one to become a web application developer.

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Welcome to my new blog

May 28, 2007 Leave a comment

I am a ColdFusion web application developer with 10 years in software and web development. From simple static web sites to complex web applications to everything in between, I have worked on a great many projects. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot and have even more to learn. Since this is my first post, check back often to learn about new projects, the latest in web technologies, or just my rambling about my faith, family, and work.