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A moment of silence please…

July 9, 2008 Leave a comment

My inherited 6 year old Powerbook is dead.  At least the hard drive is.  I started noticing it freezing up requiring me to remove the battery and power cable to reboot.  Toward the end, a loud clicking in the hard drive usually signalled a lockup.  This was probably a bonehead move on my part but I decided to try to reinstall Tiger.  I got 95% through and it locked up.  Now I can’t even get at my files.  Luckily, I do have a backup of most of my files.  A trip to the Apple store started out hopeful, but in the end I was told the machine is so old, that Apple doesn’t stock parts to repair.  I’m well aware that I can easily get a new hard drive in any number of places and I actually plan to do just that.  However, I think I’m going to replace the hard drive, reinstall the OS, make sure all is in working order and then sell it to help finance the purchase of a new MacBook.

I’m a relatively recent convert.  My experience with Mac was mostly just to test that my applications worked on them.  I’ve always worked on PCs, mostly because software wasn’t available for Mac.  That has all changed.  Now I’m not one of those Mac evangelists.  I don’t think they are any more reliable or more powerful than a PC; they seem about even on both.  However, I have to admit the overall user experience is better.  In other words, there aren’t any of those annoying PC quirks.  Additionally, Mac comes ready to do some other cool things I need it to do out of the box.  Things like connect to my HD flat panel via DVI output so I can play iTunes movies, Airport Express for my printer so we can all share one printer, and iSight for my regular video conferences with coworkers and clients.

I’m not in any rush to purchase.  Gotta save some money and repair the Powerbook first.  Then I have to get my development business up and running so I can write the equipment purchase off.  I should be ready by year’s end for a shiny new black MacBook.

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