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Build and deployment day

June 21, 2008 1 comment

Today was deployment day for a project I will be more than happy to see end soon.  Nothing in our deployment process is automated so we have to come in to the office on a weekend, or kick everyone out of the application one day during the week.  Then it’s time to take stock of database tables that have changed so we can script them to the production database.  Next we have to import data from any new lookup tables in development to production.  After that, it’s time to determine which ColdFusion files and CFCs have been added or updated and then moved into production.  After all that is done, it’s time to test everything to make sure it all still works.  Once again, this is a manual process so we have to test every process in production to make sure the new stuff works and old stuff still works.

Whew!!  Six hours later, I’m tired from all of that.  At CFUnited this past week, I attended at least 2 sessions that covered automating the build/deployment process with ANT. We are in the process of establishing a QA process(I know. I know, but we’re a small non profit), and I think this could be part of it.  I’ve been playing with ANT lately and if we can get Selenium up and running that might help automate the regression testing.

In the meantime, I have downloaded Selenium Core to my Mac and deployed it to my local CF server.  I’ve been recording test cases into a test suite as a means to get familiar with things.  If all goes well, I’d like to try it at work.